About Meru

Meru is a town in eastern Kenya, approximately 225 kilometers northern east of Nairobi. It is the headquarters of Meru County, and the sixth largest urban centre in the country. It covers an area of 6,936 kilometers. It shares it border with 5 other counties: Isiolo County to the north, Nyeri County to the southwest, tharaka nithi to the southwest and laikipia to the west. The origin of the word ‘meru’ is believed to come from the Maasai people who referred to Tigania and imenti forests as the mieru forests or simply the quiet forests.

Meru county government

Meru county is made up of nine constituencies : Igembe south, Igembe central, Igembe north, Tigania west ,Tigania east, North Imenti, Buuri, Central Imenti, and South Imenti.

The Governor of the county is H.E Hon. Bishop Kawira Mwangaza, Deputy Governor Hon. Rev Isaac Mutuma M’Ethingia, Senator is Hon. Kathuri Murungi, county commissioner Frederick Ndunga and women representative Hon. Elizabeth Karambu Kailemia.

Visit website for more information. www.meru.go.ke

County Assembly

Vet and approve nominees for appointment to county public offices as maybe provided for in the constitution or any other law.
Perform the roles set out under article 185 of the Kenyan constitution
Approve the budget and expenditure of the county government in accordance with article 207 of the constitution, and the legislation contemplated in article220 [2] of the constitution, guided by article 201 and 203 of the constitution
Approve county development plans and borrowing in accordance with article 212 of the constitution and also performs other legislative roles.

Visit website www.assembly.meru.go.ke


Major towns

Meru town

Lying next to the Kathita River which cuts through the town, meru town is the commercial and the administrative centre of the county. It is mostly an agricultural and business centre and takes pride in having one of the largest open air markets in the region.

Located about 60 kilometers from meru town, Maua is one of the economically viable towns due to the thriving miraa trade. It hosts one of the most visited national parks in the country, Meru national park. Also notable institutions around are: Ikweta country inn and conference centre, Soldat teachers college and Methodist nursing school.
Sitting next to the banks of Thingithu River, along Nairobi-meru highway is Nkubu town. The town is a trade, agricultural and administrative centre. Some of the financial institutions in Nkubu are family bank, equity bank, KCB, Yetu sacco, Times U sacco, Cooperative Bank, solution Sacco, kaguru agricultural training centre, Mount Kenya university campus among others.

It lies on the leeward side of mt Kenya and is 55 kilometers from meru town.it is located along meru-nanyuki highway.it is one of the assembly wards in buuri constituency in meru county.it is famous for rich farmland where the finest of export – quality roses, grain crops and greenhouse horticulture are grown.it is also more celebrated for ranches and wildlife conservancies.


Laare is one of the most celebrated agricultural town in meru county.it is located 200miles north of Nairobi and just 45 minute drive from meru town.it mostly serve as a commercial hub but also carries a few administrative functions. It is the largest producer of miraa[khat] in the world.

Other urban centers in meru county include mikinduri, Keeria, Egoji, Kanyakine, Kariene, Equator, Katheri, Githongo : Mikinduri, Muthaara, Kianjai, Kangeta, Maili Tatu, Mutuati : Naari, Kiirua, Kibirichia, Ntugi, Maili Saba, Kisima.


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Travelling to Meru

It takes approximately 3 hour from Nairobi by road and 45minutes by air. You can also access meru from other roads namely nyeri-nanyuki-timau road, nyeri-embu road or Nairobi-embu –meru highway. There are two airstrips inside meru national park namely kina airstrip and another that serve Elsa kopje luxury safari tent. Isiolo international airport is only 35 minute drive from meru town.

Climate and weather condition

The climate in meru can be describe as cool and warm temperature range between 16-c during the cold season and 23-c in the hot warm season. Meru receive and average rainfall of between 500mm and 2600mm each year.



Among them is the central bank of Kenya currency centre to serve the region and over 20 banks branches from different commercials banks. These include national bank, equity bank, consolidated bank, cooperative bank, ABC bank, standard chartered bank, kcb bank, diamond bank and other mainstream banks. The county has several micro finance firms including meru county ,kwft,sidian,postbank and instrumental saccos such as solution sacco,yetu sacco,mwalimu national,remu,police sacco,capital Sacco among others.


The county is served by number of leading shopping outlets and supermarket chains which include tuskeys,sayen,budget,maguna’s,naivas,uchumi,jube,society and kaka supermarkets. Most of these are found in several towns within the county including Maua, meru and nkubu towns.

Horticultural business

Meru greens horticultural is a private service provider company formed in the year 1996 with a sole objective of organizing small-scale farmers to produce and market fruits and vegetable, both in the domestic and export markets. The company owned by two partners [Gerald and Rosemary] enjoy the experience they offered in the agricultural extension skills they achieved when working for the government of Kenya. Their raw material production base I in the larger meru and embu counties in the eastern foothills of mt. Kenya.

Visit website for more information. www.merugreens.com

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