Bird watching

Meru County has some of best bird watching opportunities in the world and shares 300 species out of the estimated 1070 Kenya’s bird species. This makes it possible to spot over a hundred species each day with a variety of habitat, from forests, scrubs and water. Meru is a fantastic destination of dedicated ornithologists and bird lovers. When you are around you are likely to spot eagles, vultures, ground-hornbills and the flightless, tallest birds in the world-the ostrich. Other birds in plenty are kingfishers, lovebirds, herons, storks, African fish eagle, bee-eaters, hornbills, shrikes, lilac-breasted rollers, the list is endless.

Come and experience a life rewarding bird watching moment in meru county and always remember to carry a binoculars and we shall offer you a bird expert/guide.