Sleep in the wild with the wild. A night under the cover of countless stars as you take in the crisp clean air of the morning; is a reality that awaits you in our parks, reserves and recreation sites. The beauty of camping is that you are in charge of almost everything; sleeping time, mealtime and even bath times. It is best for corporate team building activities, families, churches, and chamas as well as a large group of tourists. It’s cheap, affordable and the best way to have fun in the wild. Camping sites are available in Lewa conservancy, Ngare Ndare forest, Mt. Kenya National park and Meru National park.

There are two types of campsites; public campsite and special campsites.

Public campsites

  • Campsite shared with other campers
  • No need of advance booking
  • Basic camping facilities provided- water, toilets/bathrooms, kitchen or open huts.

Special campsites

  • Exclusive use by the client alone
  • Booking for special campsites must be made in advance with the warder or through KWS headquarters in Nairobi
  • Advance booking fee is paid to reserve for the exclusive use, with other charges levied on a daily basis
  • These campsites offer no facilities and water is available from nearby rivers unless otherwise stated.