A Section of the Nyambene Forest

The top most part of the mountain is about 2500 meters above sea level. The route to climb to the top of Nyambene Mountains starts at Nkinyang’a market in Igembe Central right from the tarmac road leading to Kangeta and Maua towns.

Around two kilometers to the top most part of the mountain, is a sizeable natural cleared portion of the forest a few meters from the road said to be a sacred shrine. The portion is covered with evergreen grasses surrounded by forest bushes within the fringes. The middle part of that portion has a small pool of water, which collects there during rainy seasons.

The place is locally known as Kieni-kia-Ntubwarimu literally meaning the field of Ntubwarimu. Now this is where sacrifices and rituals could be performed during times of calamities like prolonged droughts, famines, epidemic and floods among others.