The County Government of Meru is employing a Public Private People Partnership (PPPP) in supporting the implementation of the Kenya National Bongo Recovery and Action plan (2019 – 2023). The national action plan mainly seeks to increase the Mountain Bongo in the wild from the current 100 to 750.

Mountain Bongo (Tragelaphus eurycerus isaaci) is listed as critically endangered on the IUCN Red list of threatened species and whose habitat is mainly is domiciled in Aberdares , Mt. Kenya Forest and Mau Forest Ecosystems.

The County Government is partnering with Kenya Forest Service that is providing forest as habitat for Bongo and sanctuary that will act as a breeding ground for the Mountain Bongo on part of Mt. Kenya Forest Ecosystem (Mucheene and Marania Forest Reserves).

County Government of Meru wishes to register its gratitute to the Kenya Forest Service, Kenya Wildlife Service, Meru Bongo and Black Rhino Conservation Trust, NTIMAKA and KAMULU Community Forest Associations, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy & Rare Species Conservatory Foundation for the immense support to the process of realization of the establishment of the bongo breeding sanctuary as part of the implementation of the national plan of ensuring sustainable conservation of the critically endangered species which is the phase one of the program and the phase two will be to reintroduce black Rhino in forest.
The Meru Bongo and Rhino Conservation Trust, will be entrusted in the implementation of the project guided by all the partners. This week, MBRCT made a presentation of the upcoming Mountain Bongo conservation project to an international audience in the just concluded Africa Protected Areas Congres (APAC2022) that was held in Kigali Rwanda from 18th to 23rd July 2022.