Traditional Homestead at tamaduni Museum

Equator tamaduni Cultural Centre is a private museum  founded  by  Mzee  John  Rukunga Kithingiri. In this museum one can find almost all the Meru traditional items in terms of weaponry,

kitchenware, clothing, farm implements, ornaments and objects well preserved and conserved. There are over 300 artifacts.

Some Meru traditional artefacts found in this museum include;

i.Igaajii- traditional cuffs

This item is made of wooden plunk and two openings which are curved to put either the legs or hands of an offender. Notorious and dangerous offenders were handcuffed and leg-cuffed.


This is a quaver and it was used as a container to keep poisoned arrows usually made of hollow bamboo stem covered in both ends with a piece of skin or hide

iii. Migwi ya ubai

Poisoned arrows made of a hollowed bamboo stem, with bird (eagle) feathers on one end for buoyancy and a metal tip on the other end.

iv.Meru warrior hut

Meru traditional warrior’s hut referred to in Kimeru as gaaru-e-nthaka and it was thatched with long grass from top to bottom, as it had no mud walls. During the olden days, gaaru-e-nthaka was a big dormitory, which could accommodate thirty to fifty warriors, and it was their dwelling place till one got married and moved out to start his own home.

Some of the Meru Artfacts at the Cultural Museum