This small building is right in the compound of Kaaga primary school, in an area concealed by indigenous trees, which are remnants of an indigenous forest. It is partitioned into two equal separate rooms. Though in a state of disrepair, the building is purpoted to have been a colonial structure constructed during the world wars for use by colonial military for various purposes. Unconfirmed tales have it that King George V1 of England was hidden in this building during the Second World War.The King’s African Rifles, the precursor to todays Kenya Army Calvary Battalion later used the building as an armory when Kenya was a British colony. The area is famed to have been a military camp during in the colonial days, as confirmed by a number of colonial-era unexploded munitions found recently. The locals of older generation referred the places as “gwa kia” meaning the place of KAR – King’s African Rifles.