The Hollow Inside King Muuru

“ King Muuru” is a giant Meru oak tree, found in lower Imenti forest, which is part of Mt Kenya forest. The tree stands about 300m from the forest station office. It belongs to the oak tree species vitex keniensis and is estimated to be about 300 years old. The tree is so huge that about 10 adult men need to circle it round with their hands joined together. The height of the tree is about 160 feet high and its girth at its base is 24 feet. Another similar oak tree is found in Denmark and it is popular known as the “Kongeegen” which means the King oak of Denmark.

A naturally manicured lawn surrounds the tree with fresh green grasses about 20m radius from its base. The tree’s stem has a huge hollow inside. The entrance is big enough to allow an average adult human to go inside and about 5 can be accommodated inside comfortably. It has also another small natural opening about 5 meters from the base of the tree that resembles a window.

The Natural entrance at the Base of King Muuru

King Muuru as seen from a distance