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Educational Tourism is one of the fastest growing areas of the travel and tourism and one that is too often overlooked by tourism professionals and marketers is educational tourism. Often educational tourism is called by other names, such as career enhancement, job development or self-actualization experiences. Educational tourism then comes in a wide variety of formats, yet despite the differences all forms of educational tourism have a number of points in common.

  • School trips.
  • Alternative holiday travel experiences
  • Study in Meru experiences.
  • Seminar Vacations and training workshops.
  • Educational cruises for distant learning students and research analysts.

Here are a number of schools in Meru.

1. Higher Education Learning

  • Kenya Methodist University offers one of the most scenic environments for study and thought. Its manmade lake and expansive view of the hill of Meru allow its students to focus on their studies. The Western end of the campus is graced by the Mount Kenya forest through which graceful elephants can be viewed feeding on the vegetation. This view is truly second to none. For More info visit http://www.kemu.ac.ke/
  • Meru national polytechnic was upgraded from Meru technical training institute in 2016. It is located along Meru-Nanyuki road a few kilometers past Makutano centre, in Meru county. http://www.merunationalpolytechnic.ac.ke/
  • Kiirua technical training institute is located in Naari location, Buuri sub county, Meru County. It’s about 13km from Meru town and 2km from Kiirua market, off the Meru-Nanyuki highway. http://www.kiiruatti.ac.ke/
  • Mukiria Technical Training Institute is located in Meru County and Meru Central Sub County .It is located 9km from Meru town towards Nkubu and 6km from Nkubu towards Meru town. http://mukiriatechnical.ac.ke/
  • Meru University of Science Technology is a public university in Meru County; it is located 15kms from Meru Town along Meru-Maua Road. https://www.must.ac.ke/
  • Karumo Technical Training Institute is located in Tigania West in Meru County. The Institute is at the periphery of Isiolo County, a region with high potential in tourism, industrial, renewable energy potential among others. https://www.karumotti.ac.ke/
  • Nkabune Technical Training Institute is a Government institution located in Meru county four kilometers from Meru town, The institute offers technical, industrial, vocational and entrepreneurship training aimed at producing skilled manpower that fit in the dynamic Kenyan economy and the world at large. http://www.nkabunetti.ac.ke/

2. Primary Education

The county has 647 public primary schools with a total enrolment of 335,879 pupils and 5,520 teachers. With The top schools being Kathigiri Boarding and Freds Academy others include Consolata Primary and Meru Salem.


3. Secondary Education

There 192 public secondary schools in the county which absorbs students from both public and private primary schools. These schools have a total enrolment of 54,682 students against 1,825 teachers. The proportion of those enrolled in secondary school is however low compared to the population aged 14-17 years as only 45 per cent are in school. The number of male in secondary school stand at 25,625 which is lower than that of girls whose number is 29,057. The Leading Schools being Meru School , Kaaga Girls and St.Marys Girls others include Burieruri Boys , Nkubu High and Kibirichia Boys and Girls.


There are 61,870 children enrolled in pre-primary schools in the county which constitutes 28,925 male and 32,945 female. This number is enrolled in the 813 ECD centres. The total number of ECD teachers is 1,202 making the teacher child ration to be 1:51. The average number of years of attendance for the pre-school education is two.