Meru County Roots For Ecotourism With Locals To Boast Revenue

County Government will continue rooting for ecotourism, a sustainable development approach that will enhance utilization of forest resources, for socio-economic growth of the County.

Speaking at Gitoro after a consultative meeting with community based tourism organisations officials from Mt. Kenya Tourism Circuit,
CEC incharge, Maingi Mugambi, said the government is working with Community Forest Associations in the rich plans to maximally exploit county forest resources as a tourism potential. Imenti Forest is one of them targeting Sacred Lake Nkunga, elephants maternity and King Muuru, for enhanced domestic and international tourism.

CO Tourism Titus Murungi, pointed out ecotourism as being one of the major source of revenue from which residents can benefit directly.

Francis Kiogora, Secretary, Nkunga Sacred Lake, hinted the economic potential Nkunga will have to the community once improved.

  1. “County leadership has come as a savior, we’ve never seen such development measures. We, the community, will assist the county government implement the agenda for Nkunga product enhancement.”