Meru National Park

Meru National Park, established in 1966, covers an area of 870km2 and is one of biggest gazetted animal sanctuaries in Kenya.

It has abundant rainfall 635-762mm in the West Park and 305- 356 mm in the west. The rainfall result in tall grass and swamps. The park is home to the big five among other wild animals.

Meru National Park is one of the two areas in which conservationist George Adamson and Joy Adamson raised Elsa, the brave lioness made famous by the Award Winning movie, Born Free.

Between the year 2000 and 2005 the Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) with the assistance of the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) helped restore Meru National Park to one of the most promising tourist destination in Eastern Africa, thus solving the poaching menace bedevilling the park.



Access by road from Nairobi (280kms) Via Nairobi-Embu-Meru road. Access into the park from Maua to Murera gate (35Kms).


Meru National Park can be easily accessed by air via Isiolo International Airport at the various airstrips within the park.


  • Former home of Joy and George Adamson
  • View of Mt. Kenya
  • Rivers and Riverine Habitats
  • Adamson falls


Elephants, Lions, Rhinos, Leopards and buffalos ( t h e Big Five), Gravy Zebra, Eland and blush Pigs, Waterbuck Cheetah and reticulated giraffe, Hippopotamus, bohor, reedbuck and hartebeest, Python, puff under and cobra

There are more than 427 recorded species
Where To stay


  • Murera banda’s
  • Kina Banda
  • Meru Luxury House
  • Kina Guest house


Kampi barindi, kitanga, Makutano, Rojoweru, Mugunga, ken Mare and Kanjoo which are special campsites.

Bwatherongi which is a public camp site

Park Contact

Landline:        (+254 61) 2303094

Wireless:        (+254 20) 2310443


Hollowed twin baobab tree in meru national park – mau mau kitchen

This is a giant twin baobab tree found in Meru National park at Kina area with a hollow trunk which was used as a kitchen by Mau Mau freedom fighters.

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