The Mucheene Mau Mau is a cave in Mt. Kenya forest, which is famous hide out of the former freedom fighters from Meru during the height of Kenya’s struggle for independence during the early 1950s to mid-1960s. The cave is in the same state as it was used by the freedom fighters during the fight for independence. It is found in a bushy area.

Mathenge. The cave was associated with a plan to seek assistance from Ethiopia’s Emperor Haile Sellasie through the acquaintances they had made while in Ethiopia during the war.

The cave would later be used as the armoury and distribution point for munitions brought from Ethiopia, to other Mau Mau bases around Mt. Kenya.

According to Mau Mau narrations this cave is associated with freedom fighters such as field Marshal Musa Mwariama, M’ Ikiara nyonta (Major Ruku) and General