A Tourist Visiting Ngare-Ndare Waterfall

The Ngare-Ndare forest is located on the northern slopes of Mt. Kenya and is sitted on a 5540 Hectares piece of land. Ngarendare boasts of a half a kilometer canopy walkway. This canopy walkway is the first in this region. It allows visitors to walk through the canopy of the forest (top of the forest trees) while viewing wildlife below. Also found in this forest is the river Ngare-ndare waterfall. At that point, water falls over rocks and into a natural dam like pool surrounded by rocks. The forest straddles a migratory corridor for elephants and other wild animals to and from Mt. Kenya and the Northern Rangelands and a favored as a sanctuary by animals such as the jumbos, rhino and buffalo as their “maternity” or where they reside to give birth, nurse their injuries, recuperate or die. It is home to several other wild animals, birds and insect species. The Ngare Ndare Forest is managed by a community trust who are the immediate neighbours of the forest with an aim to protect the forest’s flora and fauna. The words Ngarendare are two Maasai words one meaning water (ngare) and the other meaning goats (ndare).