Potato farming

Meru County produces more than 196000 tones of potatoes annually in about 17000 ha of land and boasts of more than 4000 small scale farmers. This sector was valued at more than KShs. 5 billion [50 million usd] in 2016. The County government of Meru helps farmers establish several co-operatives to manage production while a potato union oversees processing and marketing of the produce. This crop is majorly grown in Abothuguchi, kibirichia and Kiirua areas.

The most favorable climatic condition is in areas with annual rainfall of between 850mm and 1200mm; and attitude of between 1500mm and 2800mm above sea level. Some of the seed varieties available are; Ambition, Arnova, Kenya karibu, Kenya mavuno, Rudolph, shangi, sherekea, tigoni among others. This is an investment with a value addition options and quick returns.