The River Kathita Waterfall at Gitwiki

The River Kathita waterfall at Gitwiki which is also known as “Ntontanii” waterfall is a mesmerizing, unique, scenic and interesting site. The waterfall very close to another small waterfall from river Mpuri which make the two waterfall look like they have been put in comparison with one another by nature. The twin waterfalls are less than one kilometer from Meru town center, through Mwendantu road on your way to Milimani, Kinoru, Giantune and other places beyond. The locals around call the waterfall “ndurumo ya M’ntanii”.

Ndurumo in the local dialect means a waterfall. M’ntanii was the first person to have settled near the waterfall, as his piece of land extends all the way to the waterfall. The whole region where the twin waterfalls are situated is popularly known as “Gitwiki” in reference to a landslide that had occurred there about five decades