Wheat Farming

Wheat farming in Meru County is done either in small or large scale and it is a profitable venture since wheat is the second most important cereal grain in Kenya after maize. The most favorable areas for wheat farming in this region are Kisima and Timau in Buuri sub county, Meru County.

Conditions that favor wheat farming in this area are:

Gentle slope-the land where wheat is grown is gently or fairly level and this allows mechanization

Attitude-the growing areas have a high attitude ranging from 1500-2900mm. This reduces the incidence of diseases.

Moderate rainfall-this area receives moderate rainfall ranging from 500mm to 1270mm which promote the growth of wheat.

Warm temperatures- warm temperatures of 15 degree Celsius to 20 degree Celsius for at least three months enable wheat maturity.

Fertile soils-deep fertile volcanic soils lead to high production.

Dry spell-warm dry sunny spell enhances ripening of wheat and harvesting

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