St. Theresa’s Mission Hospital, Kiirua

This is a faith based health organization in the Catholic Diocese of Meru. It is one of the apostolic services of the Little Sisters of St. THERESA’S of the Child Jesus. The institution started as a dispensary in a single room with the maternity under construction in 1967. Due to the increase rate of children mortality in the area, long distance for mothers to the nearest hospital in Meru town, the sisters started a maternity wing with a capacity of 20 beds and 4 employees with no general ward services. In 1978, the hospital bed capacity increased to 70 and the sisters took care of the expectant mothers in full capacity. Later in 1980 they saw the locals in great need of other medical services and opened the general ward for mothers, children and men. In the year 2002, the hospital bed capacity rose to 80 and grew to a full status of a hospital employing the first medical doctor/surgeon who opened the theatre. Today, St. THERESA’S Mission Hospital has a bed capacity of over 120 beds and offers a variety of inpatient and outpatient health services.