Tea farming in Meru County is concentrated in the highlands areas of Mount Kenya region and Nyambene hills. Tea growing on these slopes form an undulating green carpet of evenly trimmed tea bushes as far as the eye can see providing a panoramic calming green beauty.

Compounding this green aesthetics is the relentless, artistically rhythmical plucking of the leaves as the first step to making that hot cup of tea with or without milk in most peoples breakfast tables. The top two leaves and the bud are proven to be the key in producing the best tea and are hence picked. This process continues by taking the leaves in large open raffia baskets carried on the back, shoulders or on the head to the collection points the leaves are taken to the factories where they are naturally or mechanically withered, rolled, fermented, dried, sorted, graded, packaged and storage. All these processes are amazingly beholden and would hypnotize even the regular visitors to the farms and factories and thence an experience to witness by actively participating in the processing. Visits to these farms can be arranged via the management of the various factories through facilitation by the County Tourist office.

  •  Githomgo Tea Factory
  •  Igembe Tea Factory
  •  Kinoro Tea Factory
  •  Imenti Tea Factory
  •  MichiMikuru Tea Factory
  •  Njeru Industries Ltd